Constructive Journalism: article on the reaction of the audience published

ConstructiveThe international scientific journal “Journalism Practice” has published my article “How Does the Audience Respond to Constructive Journalism?” with a couple of other articles in a special issue on constructive forms in journalism. You can find my original article here; if you are interested, but do not have access, please send me a note.

Taking a holistic definition of constructive journalism as a basis, two experiments examined the audience responses to German-language news and features presented to readers and radio listeners in both constructive and non-constructive versions. The results are multifaceted. On the micro-level, constructive forms can counteract a negative view of the world because the audience recognises a solution-orientation and underlying spirit of hope. The increased willingness to share constructive stories indicates, on the macro-level, that constructive reporting can raise the perception of possible solutions and role models and hence encourage engagement and emulation. But the hopeful prospects should not be used to simply garnish a difficult problem at any price and maintaining a distance from positive examples is advisable—otherwise, the constructive story runs the risk of being perceived as a commercial or political influence.

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